Japanese Artist ‘Dai Tamura’ Is Living Every Artist’s (Everyone’s) Dream, BTS’ Jung Kook Shared An Artwork He Did Of Him

“BTS have been artists’ muses for the longest time, during their debut days fans used to draw artworks of the members and even now they are still being recreated in various forms especially during their birthdays. Whether it is sketches, pencil drawings, paper matte, canvas or even sculptures. Fan arts of Jung Kook are always incredible and getting noticed by him would be an artist’s dream!

One artist is living that dream now, Dai Tamura is one lucky artist since Jung Kook shared the artwork he made on his personal Instagram account. Dai Tamura is a Japanese artist whose drawings of athletes and celebrities have become popular on social media, and whose unique touch captures them in explosive moments. Dai has drawn and recreated impressive shots of athlete’s in motion, both locally and internationally.

His artwork is detailed and almost like it was a picture taken of the person he draws.

BTS Jung Kook Instagram
Dai Tamura instagram

Some of his other works the artist has done

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