BTS’ V Is The First Korean Solo Act to Achieve 200 Million Streams For 2 Solo Tracks On Spotify

“Singularity performed by BTS’ V has surpassed 200,000,000 streams on Spotify making it the 6th Korean solo song to achieve this. V is noe first and only K-soloist to achieve this milestone with 2 solo songs. ‘Singularity’ joins record-breaking ‘Sweet Night’ as Taehyung’s 2nd Solo Song to surpass 200M streams on Spotify, the world’s biggest music streaming platform. “Singularity” marked a new era in kpop.

The track made it to multiple serious medias Top 10 Songs of The Year and is to date The Best solo performance on stage and Crowd Favorite on tour. Singularity, the breathtaking masterpiece that won the hearts of music critics & general public

“Singularity” achieved great results making history while breaking records. The song sold 10K pure sales in First week in US, was #1 Billboard World Digital song sales chart, it was the First BTS solo to debut on Japan Hot 100 (highest charting one), has now achieved 200M streams on Spotify and is the Most viewed trailer video on YouTube (177M views)

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