BTS’ SUGA And RM Surpassed 30 Million Instagram Followers Joining The Rest Of The Members

“All of BTS members have now gained 30 Million followers on their personal instagram accounts they set up end of last year. SUGA and RM were the latest members to hit that milestone. BTS have gained the followers in less than 5 months since they got into Instagram on 6th December 2021. With that freedom, they have been able to share more personal sides of them with fans.

Their personal Instagram accounts show their various personalities and as they share more it feels like they are having fun including fans into their almost intimate and private lives.

V was the first member to hit 30 Million breaking the record for fastest individual to hit 30 Million followers, V now l has 36.2 million. Jung Kook was second and now has 34.1 million, then j-hope 30.7 million, Jin 30.5 million, Jimin 30.2 million, RM and SUGA 30 million followers each.



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