BTS Jimin’s 2 New Tatoos? The Meanings Behind Them & Why ARMYs Are Obsessed With Them

“BTS completed their first day of their 3 day “Permisison to Dance on Stage, Seoul concert and have been trending since the event began. As with every concert of BTS appearance, ARMY will always find something new with the members and will notice even the slioghtest details. Jung Kook is usually the member who’s tatoos stand out and lately he began to reveal more of his sleeve tatoo by wearing short sleeved shirts that gave fans a glimpse into his mysterious tatoo designs. Jimin is also the other member who has tatoos though not standing out as they are in hidden places.

The tatoos that fans are aware of is “Nevermind” which is still being debated on whether it is real, “Young Foever” are written separately on each back of his hands and lastly the number “13” which is significant to Jimin and he even talked about what it meant, Jimin is born in October 13th and BTS debuted on 13th June 2013.

During the concert fans began to notice two new tatoos on Jimin, what looks like the letter “J” or written in full as “Youth” and a cresent moon on his lower neck (nape) area just above his shoulders. “J” could stand for his name or have a deeper meaning while the tattoo on jimin’s neck represents the moon phase on June 13th 2013

We know that BTS normally put on fake tatoos for performances for instance the web like design on V’s neck for their “ON” music video and performances and j-hope, and RM had on art work during the 2020 MAMA performances so it would not be a big surprise if they turned out to be temporary for the concert.

But the tatoos seem too peersonal to be just for the performances, so the only thing that fans will ahve to do is wait for several months after to see whether the tatoos survived and reamained. In the meantime we are loveing Jimin’s new tatoos

Jimin’s tatoo back of his ear
Tatoo written as “Youth” Twitter/@PJM_vocal
Cresent moon on Jimin’s lower neck area

If they are real tatoos, then it means that Jimin has 6 tatoos in total. “Young” “Forever” at the back of his forearm below the elbow, “13” underneath his wrist “Nevermind” across his rib cage and now “J” behind his ear lobe and “Cresent moon” just below his neck at his back

Jimin’s “Nevermind” tatoo makes a sneak peak

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