Jimin is the Fastest & Only BTS Member To Reach Over 1 Million Tweets With Just The Soundcheck As “JIMIN JIMIN” is Currently Trending On Twitter


“Beloved Prince Jimin is already causing heart palpitations and it is not even the beginning of the concert. Lucky fans who got the sound check tickets for BTS’ “Permission to Dnace on Stage, SEOUL” are sharing moments at the concert and Jimin ia already causing beautiful chaos. “JIMIN JIMIN” has crossed over 1.1 million Twitter mentions as fans gush over the vocalist. He is the only member in the worldwide trends! And with 3 keywords ! his power. ‘jimins’ and ‘PARK JIMIN’ are both trending Worldwide at 9 and 10 respectively. ‘JIMIN JIMIN’ is trending under Music with 1.05M tweets 🔥 ‘Park Jimin’ is also trending under Music topic in Twitter! Soundcheck Jimin with his amazing aura as always.

Trending with JIMIN JIMIN are at #9 Jimins #10 PARK JIMIN #36 JIMIN JIMIN •USA #3 Jimins

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