BTS’ Jungkook Has Shared His Longest Instagram Update On His Personal Account (8mins 26secs) + Full English Translation

“BTS’ Jung Kook took to his official instagram accout to update. He posted a clip that is 8 minutes and 26 seconds long, the longest he has ever uploaded. He usually uploads clips of him singing or listening to music but he has decided to share a clip of himself. BTS are on thier first day of their “Permission to Dance on Stage, SEOUL, South Korea.

His talk translated

“Hi, this is Jungkook! Now, why did I turn on the camera? It’s just because.. it’s not. Just a while ago, I came back to the house after doing the concert. I wanted to do a live but since I don’t have the camera that we use for going live so I thought I should just record a short video & upload it so I came to record this. Finally, after 2.5 years we had a concert in Korea. Actually feels 23 years. We finally did a concert in Korea Ha, we got to do it.”

“On seeing overall today, i was really happy. I was so happy. It really felt like coming back to hometown. It was so fun. *sighs* in Korea, singing along and cheering is a must.. that I/we couldn’t hear. That’s why today’s concert was so hard. Everything was great but it was so difficult. It’s not that that as it was hard that I couldn’t focus or I couldn’t enjoy it, it’s not that. We did non face to face concerts right? We did it with the thought in heart as if we were recording, since you’d watch it online”

“It was fine if we just showed you (our performances) neatly in front of the camera but for today’s case, ARMY is in front of our eyes but there’s no cheers/shouts and you can’t even move– can’t even stand up. That’s why, *sighs* it was so hard. I did it diligently but I feel like there were some things that I feel that I over did a little bit. But when I was doing that, I was thinking “is it okay for me to do like this?”

“Before getting on the stage, I thought “okay.. since you can’t shout, you can’t stand up, there’s nothing much that you can do so I should give it all my strength”, I thought this way. In reality, after experiencing it in reality, it was different from what I had expected. You get to know after you experience it.”

“Anyway, would you guys have had fun today, could you guys have fun.. I worried about stuff like that. While performing too, after performing too. Therefore I’m leaving this as a video, since there are some things I want to say. Because we were really happy today. We were happy even just by seeing you guys.. was it… fun? did you guys enjoy it? were you happy? I hope you were.”

“If had like a field test type of rehearsal, I might’ve been able to do better.. since his situation was so new.. aigo… aigo.. aigo.. Right, it was like that *laughs* Aigo aigo.. originally the comments sneed to be coming up like this here but since I’m being like this alone, it’s funny.”

“Anyway, it was a new challenge. Since it could be finished well without me/us getting hurt, it’s a relief too. Already, my emotions are all jumbled up. Aigo, I miss it/I long for it. Already I’m missing that moment (the concert), and missing the cheers you guys used to do.”

“It feels like one of those nights where all different emotions mix together. Ah and the weather must’ve have been quite cold today. We felt cold even though we were moving and getting worked up. It was feeling cold on my hands and here and there a bit. It was cold again once we cooled down. Still since it seemed that ARMYs wore warm clothes today so I thought it was a relief.”

ARMYs who are coming on the 12th & 13th, it’d be good if you come wearing clothes in several layers.. even if you remove some layers if you feel hot please come several layers.. and gloves, make sure to wear gloves. It’ll be good if you bring hot packs, too. Since there’s a forecast of rain too.. though I don’t know if it’ll rain or not.. if you can bring raincoat too, it’ll be good. It’ll be really cold, therefore,”

“I hope you’ll check well (bring all you need). yes ah.. today, this stuff heart— ah I wasn’t stuffy today, I was very happy today but just well even while doing the concert.. whole doing the concert this piled up.. should I call it like a lump/bitterness? Just like you guys have stuff to feel frustrated about, we too have stuff to feel frustrated about. And there was stuff that I’m curious about as well: “did you guys really have fun or not?”.. since we couldn’t see it, you guys were wearing masks, your expressions can’t be seen, your voice can’t be heard, as we don’t know, so this curiosity of mine— ah what do I need to call it, ah I can’t even get my words together”

“I couldn’t even wash up yet, I’ll wash up now, aas I shouldn’t catch a cold, I’ll take a lower-body bath. Tomorrow, I need to work out as well”

“The stamina needs to be built, that’s how we can do it on stage. Anyway, in future too, I will be training hard for the days of meeting you guys. Anyways see you guys again on the 12th & 13th. Thank you to our ARMYs who came to see (us) today and our ARMYs who watched online today. *waves*”

Aigo.. ah um what should I say uh since right I’m half asleep.. I’m a little sleepy.. did I speak correctly just now.. since I’m not that good with words either.. anyway my sincerity— there’s this thing sincerity— ah what is it— ay I don’t know *waves*”

“Good night (in english)! have a good night (in Korean)!”

Translated by @BTStranslation

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