“Happy Birthday SUGA” Currently Trending At #1 Worldwide With Over 1.06 Million Tweets As BTS’ SUGA Celebrates His 2022 Birthday

“BTS’ SUGA rules the  Top Trends on Twitter as  #HappyBirthdaySUGA is currently  trending at #1 WORLDWIDE with over 1.06 million tweets and #HappyBirthdayYoongi at #2! SUGA currently occupies the top 3 as well as 13 spots in the Top 20 worldwide trends. #HappyBirthdaySUGA has been the No. 1 trending topic for the last 5 hours. Other trending key words include #HappyYoongiDay #SUGADEARDAY #HAPPYSUGADAY. The world has stopped to celebrate SUGA on his special day.

South Korean Trends, #1.HAPPYSUGADAY #4. #기적처럼와준_윤기_생일축하해 (Coming like a miracle_yoongiHBD) #5. #우리의별_우리의우주_윤기_생일축하해  (Our star, our universe, yoongi, Happy birthday.) #9. #AGUSTD and #12. “윤기 생일” (Yoongi’s birthday) ‘THE CAKE’, ‘Min Yoongi’ and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOONGI’ are currently trending worldwide.

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