“GO GO” Currently Trending Worldwide On Twitter As ARMYs Anticipate BTS’ Performance Of The Song During The ‘PTD’ Seoul Concert

“BTS’ concert in Seoul, South Korea is about to start in a few hours in this rime zone and fans have been sharing clips outside the stadium listening to the members practice for the shows. In one of those clips, BTS’ song “GO GO” can be heard in teh background so now fans are excited over the possibility of BTS performing the song. “GO GO” has a very unique, choregraphy and the members always go hard on the movements of the choreo, especially Jung Kook. Now they are sharing on how they will not be able to durvive if the song is perfromed live for the first time after a long time.

The last time it was performed was during an online concert so fans are ready to watch it live if it will be performed. As a result “GO GO” is currently trending with over 2.91 million tweets. Other discussions are ongoing aroung “GO GO” but majority are ARMYs talking about BTS’ performance.

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