BTS Members Share Their Special Birthday Wishes For SUGA’s 2022 Birthday

“BTS members started wishing their fellow band member SUGA a Happy birthday through their social media. As much as they are preparing for their concert set to start on Thursday 10th March, they still have some time to remember SUGA’s birthday. This time RM was the first member to post on their official Twitter handle and j-hope posted next with his usually gallery of photos and video clips.

j-hope also posted on his Instagram account’s stories and tagged “AgustD” SUGA’s name on Instagram. Jung Kook shared his birthday wish for SUGA on his Instagram stories


“woopa (wooper*)-nim, happy birthday #YoongiBirthdayCongrats RM *wooper is pokemon character

Namchyoon” (‘namjoon’ written cutely)

BTS’ j-hope

“hap birth our sweet sweet suga hyung 😼😽😚🎂 HappyBirthdaySUGA Yoongi_My_Star_AndMy_Universe AGUSTD” j-hope

In the pictures 1. mots: persona shoot selfie 2. hobi & yoongi rehearsing for anpanman 3. talking to jungkook @ dinner 4. contact pic on hobi’s phone

j-hope also posted on Instagram


Yoongi happy birthday bro” Jin

BTS Jimin

“Our Suga hyung a very happy birthday 😊

Lets be healthy-ing*




BTS Jung Kook

Jung Kook Instagram story


yoonki’s birthday can’t just pass by like this do it one more time #HapBirth V” V

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