BTS’ ARMY Sadly Say Goodbye To “Gureum” The Jeon’s Family Dog Of 20 Years

“Jung Kook is well known to be a dog lover and has shown just how much he loves taking care of pets. During BTS’ “In The Soop” season two, Jung Kook revealed his Dobberman dog, named BAM to the world and they shared beautiful moments on the season two of the series. Later on he shared on his instagram a picture of himself holding two cute dogs and called them BAM‘s hyungs. Jung Kook had a family dog named Gureum and he talked about him and even drew a picture of him at one time.

Sadly the Jeon family dog Gureum passed on at the end of last year. Jung Kook’s brother shared on Instagram that their pet was no more explaining that some people had been asking about him so he shared what happened. Jungkook’s wrote,

“Gureum-ie passed away around the end of last year. I was so proud of him for holding on till the end while sick to see mom and dad. The 20 years together with Gureum-ie, were very happy (to me). I’m leaving this post since there were many asking about his recent condition. Have a good night.” Rest in Peace Gureum”

The unconditional love and precious company that a pet can give is one of the most beautiful things that can be experienced. Gureum received lots of love from Jung Kook and his family being with them for 20 years is love personified. Jin also lost his pet dog and BTS talked about how Jin was having a hard time and yet they had to perform live on stage then.

Loosing a pet is never easy especially if the pet has been in the family and grown with the family. We wish Jung Kook and his family find comfort in each other even as they said goodbye to their beloved Gureum


Rest in peace “Gureum”

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