BTS’ SUGA Surprised ARMY With A Birthday VLIVE

“SUGA of BTS is celebrating his birthday on 9th March and he went on VLive to celebrate it a few hours before his official birthday. He said that he so since he would be heading to their practice for their upcoming “Permission to Dance on Stage, Seoul” starting on 10th March.

SUGA came on the live wearing a birthday cap to show fans that he was indeed celebrating his birthday. He had had an earlier solo VLive where he promised to have one on his birthday.

He talked about the concert, his birthday and feelings about performing for a small crowd

The birthday cake

although the stadium won’t be filled at full capacity, we’re just happy that this concert is going to take place. we’ve rented stadiums several times before only for them to get cancelled. all of us are very excited for this concert right now” SUGA

“i know you’re not allowed to yell, but you could maybe headbang. if you could try dancing (dances) a little while sitting… (haha)” SUGA

 “i’m sad i can’t make it to the concert because i’m in quarantine.” (Fan) “on the bright side, that might actually be a better experience for you. you could scream all you want while quarantining at home watching the concert” SUGA

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