Here’s Why “YOONGI MARRY ME” Is Currently Trending With Over 32K Tweets After 4 BTS Members Recent VLive

“Four of BTS members j-hope, V, Jimin and Jung Kook recently held a Vlive and as is usual after talking about various topics chatting with ARMY, they usually read comments from fans as it is live. Among the many comments that you will never miss is ARMY prposing to one BTS member or another. And BTS have hilarious reactions to that question every time. Lately it has been SUGA who is always receiving the “Marry Me” request and it seems that it’s always V who reads such comments. Today’s VLive was no exception as the saga of V reading the “yoongi marry me” comment continues even though SUGA (Yoongi) is not in the Vlive. It seems reading “yoongi marry me” comments has become V’s routine every time they turn on vlive app.


As a result “YOONGI MARRY ME” is currently trending with over 33k Twitter mentions as fans comment on that portion of the VLive. Isn’t it fate that he always gets to read those comments, after all he did say that he will marry BTS members!

Update, “YOONGI MARRY ME” 50K tweets

V: Army please ask/comment with meaningful questions
V: (Try) To ask questions without/instead of only saying comments like “Party, Party Yeah”
V: There are people commenting “Yoongi Marry me” and he isn’t even here

The saga of V reading “Yoongi Marry Me” continues, in almost evry VLive

ARMYs reactions to the ongoing “Yoongi Marry Me” saga read by one and only Taehyung

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