“The BTS” Trends With 1.1 Million Tweets as Fans Gear Up for BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage” Concerts, React to Concert Tickets Being Sold Out & Celebrate Jung Kook’s Graduation

“Twitter is their playground. That is BTS for you. Today 3rd February has been quite an eventful day. BTS concert tickets for their “Permission to Dance on Stage Las Vegas sold out a few hours after the pre sale was announced, everything sold out before even going out to the public. The converstaions have been around those who got the tickes vs. those who did not get.

Then Jung Kook graduated from University and fans got the cnahce to watch him give his speech. As a result of mainly these two things, “The BTS” is currently trending wth over 1.1 million tweets worldwide. Other keywords included, “SOLD OUT KINGS”, “sofi”, “#BTSCONCERT,” “#PTD_ON_STAGE_LV”, “I GOT TICKETS” and “ARMYs”

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