ARMYs Are Offering Up Suggestions To Allegiant Stadium On How To Make BTS’ “Permision to Dance On Stage Las Vegas” Concert Successful & Smooth For The Attendees

“When BTS ARMY show up for BTS, they show up in full and ready, the have already sold out the Las Vegas 4 day concerts even before the tickets were officially released to the public! And with a large number of people gathered at any point there are bound to eb a few growing panis on how to handle such large crowds. During BTS’ concert in Los Angeles, there were allegedly several complaints about the location being unable to cordinate the large number of people. BTS will hold their second US concert this year in April at the Allegiant Stadium.

The stadium’s twitter page Tweeted that they could not wait to see ARMY in April. Fans have been leaving comments with suggestions and ideas on how to make the event smooth and successful. BTS fans are a well organized oil machine and always move with purpose always with an open mind to help and support their favorite band. From their previous experience, the fans are letting Allegiant Stadium know what they coukd do to ensure the smooth operations of the event while also giviving advice to each other on how to protect themselves, those around the, staff and even BTS during the concert

I’m sure that Allegiant Stadium is preparing well for the concert seeing how massive it will be, over 50,000 people gathered in the stadium for each concert, they know that they have their work cut oout for them. But when it comes to ARMY, they are always protective of each other and BTS aand will always do the extra work of voicing their concerns and pointing out things that might go unnoticed. Many comments were about taking care of the disabled by having specialized entrances and proirity lines

Fans reactions to the twitter post

“Please take care of us. The last stadium was a nightmare. We are a well behaved group of fans that will respect the rules and follow the guidelines. Our safety is in your hands. The purple wave is coming your way. Hope you welcome us with open arms.”

Please make sure the entry line runs smoothly. THERE WILL BE TONS OF US waiting to get in. Armys are not people who come to events late. We are there EARLY and if you don’t get that part situated, you’ll have a huge traffic like Sofi (disaster).”

“Please place tight security checked all bags its like 50,000 precious lives and also open the lines n gate as early as possible n clear directions to que. Need guidance as ARMY will be massive n at sofi no army has clue where to line as the line like snake”

“This!! At sofi a poor lady was waiting in line with the rest of us because the ada line was in the same blocked area for regular seats they need to have a separate line for just them!”

“Hi Allediant Stadium! We are very excited! A few suggestions as an ADA companion learned from last concert at SoFi Stadium: 1. Pls don’t make ADA guests park in the farthest lot sections when there are obviously a ton of available spaces much closer to the venue. 2. Pls monitor your ADA lines so non-ADA guests do not line up there by mistake. 3. Pls make your entry policy for ADA companions clear and ensure your staff is aware. Does the 3 companion rule apply to entry when the ADA guest+companion(s) were not able to get seats all together?”

“Hi, Allegiant Staduim! As you’re tweeting about the upcoming concert, can we get the highlights about accessibility and accommodations on offer? We’d love to see your commitment to disabled and Deaf/Hard of Hearing concert-goers! Thanks so much and see you in April!”

“LINE MARKERS: color code it. If you don’t have enough people working at least put some signs and markings. 3. MASK: you don’t have to worry about this. ARMYs are very responsible and cooperative. No problem with this. ARMYs care about each other.”

“Please make sure you have enough people working, line security and covid vaccination check expedited, enough help for people with disabilities This is what yours need do while you wait for us”

“Start training your staff now! SoFis staff were friendly but clueless. This is going to be a huge influx of people. Have clear signage for which line is for which entry. Check Vax status early – send staff around with wristbands. ARMY are coperative, we will work with you 💜”

“Just be better than sofi! Care about people with special needs, please!”

“You have time to -get your security up to speed (NO CAMERA equipment allowed, actually CHECK ppl’s bags for dangerous items) -have adequate entry points OPEN & ACCESSIBLE& ORGANIZED -train staff who know where things are &can aid &direct attendees -ensure a great time for all💜”

“Please make sure you have enough staff to check tickets and vax status at entry points, provide proper ADA and ASL assistance, ensure traffic management post concert, and endure your staff have sensitivity training. Thank you”

“ARMY..With all due respect..even though the rules 4 wearing masks in Las Vegas may have been loosened up, Let’s continue to be pro-health by KEEP WEARING MASKS! Protect yourselves, BTS, & staff..let’s be a role model Fandom that can be proud..Pls Reminding each other like in LA🙏”

“Please have a phone based FAQ about the event and a group chat or something for your temporary staff. It will help them remember locations, rules, give directions, etc. The chat can alert them when things have been changed or to answer their questions. Help them to help us. 🙏💜”

“Please make sure you have enough staff work that day that are outside pointing ppl in the right direction to what lines to get in so the process can go faster because things can be really confusing as this being our first time coming there as a fandom”

“It’s gonna be legendary. Please keep everyone safe, refreshed, make it well planned and fun 💜 It’s gonna be the best days ever!!!!!!!”

“It took SoFi 4 days to get it together because they were EXTREMELY unprepared: – Have clear indications of where lines should be – Have someone at the end of EVERY entrance gate to verify what line it is for – Have multiple people doing a pre-vaccine verification + wristbands”

“inside the stadium staff should be 100% sure of which sections actually belong to which AND be able to answer basic questions like “where is the restroom”

“nobody at sofi even scanned my tickets. it was very unorganized and potentially very dangerous! but Army appreciates and respects e/o and represents the boys well. We’re excited too!! please prepare for us 💜”

“We say “be better than the last stadium” coz we had to demand they check Vax cards, no one knew where the lines were, Army had to help each other find their sections, it took 30min to an hour to leave the stadium – not parking lot, stadium. Parking lot was another 2 hours.”

“Please, be prepared! Entrance time should be very early to allow everybody to be inside at least 1h before the show, 💜ARMY loves to be inside very early💜 Lines outside should be clearly demarcated, more pairing booths also. 😇”

“There will be need of massive TRAINED manpower than ever. Please allocate enough # of staffs for checking the tix, forming lines, security check points and more. BTSArmy always follows the rules and policy strictly. Please help us to leave Allegiant Stadium with great memories🙏”

“Be prepared Army are organised but you have to be ready make sure every staff knows where the bathroom is and all details and make sure they don’t keep the line before the concert starts”

“Lots of disabled ARMYs attend BTS concerts. Allegiant Stadium’s commitment to accessibilitycan make or break the concert experience. Plz have separate lines for disabled ARMYs & our companions. Communicate accommodations in advance, including for deaf/hard of hearing fans!”

“You will be pleased to have #BTSARMY 💜💜 don’t forget to wear our fandom’s purple colour and please keep all of them safe 💜💜”

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