Singer Songwriter Aria Ohlsson Mentioned BTS’ Jung Kook After He Shared Her Song On His Instagram Story

“Aria Ohlsson mentioned BTS’ Jung Kook on her instagram account after ARMY tagged her in posts about Jung Kook sharing her song on his instagram story earlier. She posted her excitement and shock at the BTS vocalist sharing her song on his instagram. She wrote, “Thank you Jungkook from BTS for reposting my song on your story! I’m still in shock!” and she tagged BTS’ official instagram account. She also posted another post thanking BTS’ fans for letting her know about it, she wrote “I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been reaching out and tagging me in post from this morning. I am in complete shock and so overwhelmed with the amount of love & support from each and everyone of you! “

She then added, “I can’t thank you Tae-hyung and Jungkook from BTS enough for posting my song and bringing me to all of you!” V had posted an audio clip on his instagram account listening to her song which he later deleted, but Aria posted the clip sharing her gratitude for the shoutout

Aria Ohlsson’s IG post
Aria Ohlsson’s IG post

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