Did BTS’ j-hope Hint At A New Instagram Aesthetics Layout With His Latest Update & Is His “Polaroids Era” Over?


“BTS’ rapper and dance leader j-hope’s latest Instagram update is raising speculation that he could be coming up with a new layout on his Instagram account. Ever since the members opened their Instagram account last year December, RM, V and Jung Kook have been the most active being led by j-hope (King of Instagram) as BTS tell him he is. J-Hope has the most unique and creative Instagram layout that is the envy of both his members and fans.

His latest update is a series of photos with a sunset background and they cover the first half of the page. Each time he posts a series that covers the three squares he’s changed his look which only leads to the conclusion that maybe he will be coming up with something new.

He’s been posting photos taken on his polaroid camera from the beginning and we will just have to wait and see whether the designs will be different or continue with the polaroid.

Lets go down memory lane of his layout since he opened the page

He started with his polaroid camera and the images seemed to be random posts of moments that he enjoyed or places he had been and beautiful skies and landscapes

He still kept the grey shades and dull blues colors in his photos he shared

changed the layout to have wider space (white borders) around the photos and added brighter colored photos

He started sharing his daily outfits which he’d put the dates and lay them out then shared photos of him wearing the outfits

He added three blocks of white empty background as posts which fans asked him about during his birthday VLive but he said there really was no reason for adding the white backgrounds

On his birthday he posted a collage of the photos he took for his birthday. He still used his polaroid camera to post a aesthetically pleasing collage covering the six post blocks

Then we come to the latest posts that is just him with a beautiful background of a sunset. The posts cover three full blocks

So what comes next, new layout, maybe still using polaroids? With j-hope, anything is possible, his creative mind is beyond any imagination as anything he does is always calculated, planned and aesthetically pleasing. He has a unique Instagram layout just like he is and we cannot wait to get inspiration from his fashionable and fun side!

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