BTS’ Jung Kook Sends Fans Into A Mini Panic mode Over His Eyebrow Piercing After His Latest Instagram Update

“Has BTS’ Jung Kook taken his eyebrow piercing off? That is the question on mnay ARMYs hearts after the “Stay Alive” record breaker vocalist shared a post on his instagram account. Jung Kook posted a short clip on his instagram and in it he is singing, as he mostly does, but he then pushes his hair back from his forehead and gasps like he is in shock at the revelation. The side of his face that he is revealing by pushing his hair back is where his eye brow piercing used to be. Both his eyebrow piercing and lip piercing were on the same side of his face so when he pushes his hair off, we can see that there is no piercing. Thus the debate on whether he has permanenltly removed his eyebrow piercing is raging on and ARMY is having a complete meltdown at the fact that the eyebrow piercing is no longer there.


Jung Kook’s eybrow percing was first revealed when their song “Butter” was released and the whole fandom lost it trying to determine whether it was real or not. At a VLive after the release of “Butter” Jung Kook peeled off the silver pearls and showed that they were stick ons and not real. Later during another solo VLive he confessed that the piercing was real after several instances, ARMY never misses any clues, where photos and video clips showed that it could not be stick ons

Jung Kook’s stick ons on his eyebrow during Butter

Jung Kook’s instagram update

Was their last concert and Vlives the last time fans will see Jung Kook’s eyebrow percing?

Fans are already saying goodbye to his eyebrow piercing, mourning it loss on Jung Kook’s beautiful face.

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