BTS’ SUGA Proves Once More That “Old is Gold” As He Wears The Same Jacket He’s Been Seen in Before

“BTS’ SUGA rcently posted a photo on his instagram account. It was just as simple photo but one thing that ARMy noticed was the black baseball jacket that he was wearing. It is a jacket that he has been seen wearing a couple of times in the past. He wore the execat same jacket during a Vlive, he was seen with the jacket at the airport and even in one of the run BTS episodes. He’s such a unique and minmalist person that he does not mind weari ng the same item even years after. As influencial and rich as he and BTS might be, he choses to cherish every singke itenm he owns and does not discard it just because he wore it once. Many celebrities don’t usually repeat items they wear choosing to appear in ver different items at any given time.

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