BTS Jin’s “Super Tuna” Is The New Club Hit, From New York, Moscow To London It’s The Latest Party Anthem

“Super Tuna in a club? who would have even thought about it? Well party goers are vibing to the song and it’s not just local but clubs in New York, Moscow and London are having their revellers vibe to Jin’s “accidental” viral hit song! When BTS’ Jin released “Super Tuna” back on 4th December 2021 as a birthday gift surprise, he did not expect that the less than 3 minute fun song would dominate the world and become a craze like it is.

Jin even went on Weverse and asked fans to stop doing the challenge joking (or not) that his label would require him to do a second verse. The song took a life of its own despite his pleas!

Following its release soon enough “Super Tuna became viral sensation and thus “Super Tuna Challenge,” was created with millions of fans joining in on the trend sharing on all social media platforms.


Celebrities have joined in the challenge, “Baby Shark” channel creators, Teletubbies, among other characters have already done the #SuperTunaChallenge. On TikTok especially, “Supertuna” and “Supertuna challenge” have garnered millions of views proving the impact the song has on the general public or population.

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