Choreographer “Taesung” Of Higgs Dance Studio Tagged on BTS Jung Kook’s Latest IG Post Has Gained Over 60k New Instagram Followers

“BTS Jung Kook’s impact has been felt once again as fans take an interest in what he is into at the moment or the people the vocalist is mentioning. On 21st February Jung Kook posted a photo of himself and a stranger on his Instagram account. The person in the picture tagged by Jung Kook is “Taesung” from Higgs Seoul Studio. They seem to be doing some sort of Choregraphy.

In less than 7 hours Taesung’s Instagram account increased with over 60k followers. This is not the first time that someone Jung Kook tagged Gaines followers within minutes. In the first video he posted of his boxing training, he tagged the trainer in the clip who became an instant hit as he also gained a ton of followers


His followers after being tagged on Jung Kook’s post

Jung Kook seems to be doing a lot of different choregraphies as can be evidenced with him sharing clips of him dancing. He earlier did a choreography by Nain, dancer from the Mnet hit competition show “Street Dance Girls Fighter”, now he has shared this picture of him with a choregraoher from a different studio. j-hope also revealed in his birthday VLive that Jung Kook has been doing a lot of dancing lately.

Which begs the question, is Jung Kook planning to surprise fans with something new? Like his mixtape maybe? He did say that he wanted to have all his songs that would be included in his mixtape have music videos, and with music videos, most, BTS’ especially havechoregraphies! Maybe I’m just reaching but BTS never do anything without a reason or meaning, or maybe I’m right, right? 🤔

Only time will tell. But we love every content that the members are giving fans especially having their own Instagram accounts.

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