BTS’ j-hope Thanked His Band Members For The Birthday Wishes & Mentioned Beyonce On His Instagram Stories

“j-hope (Jung Ho-Seok) rapper in BTS celebrated his birthday on 18th February and received birtday wishes and messages from ARMY, other celebrities and his fellow band members. j-hoped thanked everyone that sent him the birthday wishes and went a step further posting on his Instagram stories screenshots of each BTS’ member’s wish for him on his special day.

Among the celebrities that wished j-hope a happy birthday was Mega US artist Beyonce. She posted in her website a cute baby picture of j-hope with the caption “happy birthday j-hope” which j-hope also shared on his IG stories. Fellow band member Jung Kook had earlier featured in Beyonce’s September year book issue

Messge from RM

Message from Jimin

Messge from V

Messge from SUGA

Messge from Jung Kook

Messge on Beyonce’s wrbsite

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