Dear BTS’ j-hope, Here’s ARMYs 2022 Over 1.1 Million Heartwarming Birthday Wishes

BTS’ j-hope on VLive

“Each and every single time that j-hope takes over the twitter trends, he does so in the various forms of his names, both official names and artistic names. It was no different even on his birthday on 18th February 2022. Both #HappyBirthdayjhope and #HappyJHOPEday have over 1M mentions. BTS’ j-hope had over 7M mentions talking about him in his different names on his birthday! Hobi (2.3M mentions), jhope (2.2M mentions), j-hope (with the hyphen) (1.3M mentions), Hoseok (1.1M mentions), and Jung Hoseok (263k mentions).

ARMY all over the world celebrated their eternal sunshine, hope to the world BTS member in style. 18th February was a day that was long awauted as it is the day BTS’ j-hope was born as a gift to the entire world.

Fans wished the rappeer a happy birthday, shared their stories of how mch j-hope had positively affected their lives, drew artistic representations of the member, recreated his outfits, visited his birthday project locations, baked and cooked, all to celebrate j-hope. With over 7 million twitter mentions on his birthday, j-hope sure felt the love and appreciation. The hashtags for j-hope’s birthday included,

#JHOPEDAY #uarourhope #HopeRightHere #OurEternalHope #KingOfStageJhope #OurFebruaryMiracle #PrideOfGwangjuDay #AllRounderJhopeDay #JhopeTrendSetter #JhopeAceOfKpop #HAPPYJHOPEDAY #DanceMasterJhope #OurForeverBlueSide #JhopeWorldwideTopStar

Birthday cakes for j-hope

Happy Hobi Day

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