BTS Members Sent Beautiful Birthday Wishes to j-hope For His 2022 Birthday

“No BTS member’s birthday ever goes without the members wishing him a good one. 18th February is j-hope’s birthday and all the members wished him happy birthday. Jin was the first member to wish j-hope a happy birthday as j-hope shared the gufts he received from hisb fellow bandmate. SUGA was the first member to wish j-hope a happy birthday on Twitter tagged with his signature #ItsSUGAHyung. RM posted the birthday wish on Instagram and has also shared on their Twitter account. Both V and Jung Kook called j-hope duding his VLive to wish him a happy birthday. Jimin posted on Twitter and V also added birthday wishes on their Twitter page

Since j-hope has a freaking huge file that contains photos and videos of his members, I thought I’d be perfect to share galleries of their great moments together.


RM posted a message on his instagram account wishing j-hope a happy birthday

“happy happy birthday”

RM also posted his birthday wishes for j-hope on their Twitter account

#hobihappybirthday my friend i really wish you a happy birthday~~”


“hey hope-ah happy birthday..^^ #ItsSugaHyung^^ #HobiBirthdayCongrats #ItsAlreadyFebruary18th


j-hope shared the birthday gifts that he received from Jin on his instagram account

BTS Jimin

“our bright/happy hyung, truly happy birthday please keep being next to/with us in good health 😊 #JIMIN #호비생일ᄎᄏ HappyBdayHobi”

BTS Jung Kook

Jung Kook called j-hope when he was on VLive

j-hope: on phone jk~ i’m on vlive jk~ jk say something to army only your voice will be shown
jung kook: hello army~
j-hope: have you not washed up yet?
jung kook: i’m just about to go right now
j-hope: i love you
jung kook: oh yea bro~
j-hope: oh yea bro~


V called j-hope and wished him a happy birthday during his Vlive

j-hope: oh taehyung is calling
picks up call
j-hope: oh v! im doing a live
j-hope: taehyungah, thank you i love you~ okay~

V also posted on Twitter

“happy birthday hoseok-sseu please do it with ‘with me’ and not ‘with the’ #happybirthdayjhope a man like you”

“I’m Taehyung 🙆🏼‍♂️”

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