BTS’ j-hope Shared His Gratitude To ARMY For The Birthday Wishes & Shared The Photos He Had Promised On His Birthday VLive


“BTS’ j-hope has shown his gratitude to fans for the birthday wishes he received on his 28th bithday. 18th February is known as Hobi Day, a day to celebrate a great rapper, dancer, vocalist, producer, beautiful human being that is Jung Ho-Seok aka BTS’ j-hope “I just want to give my thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday/sent me their well-wishes~ I love youuu😍💜 The pictures are A mission for my birthday that I’m doing together with ARMY” j-hope

j-hope also went on Weverse to thank fans for the warm greetings for his birthday and shared more pictures from his birthday VLive

“It was a really happy birthday.. 😝 And it was also a birthday where I missed you guys a lot ㅠㅠ..
It seems because I was excited that I will see you guys soon.. so~ I missed you even more~~ 😇💜
Thank you so much for wishing me”

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