“DONT FORGET AFRICA” Currently Trending As African ARMYs Express Dissapointment At The Continent Missing On List Of BTS’ Worldwide Broadcast To Cinemas Of “PTD ON STAGE SEOUL” Live Concert

“BIGHIT Music recently announced that BTS would have another live concert and this time it would take place in Seoul, South Korea. On 16th February the label announced that there would be a worldwide broadcast of the concert in cinenas on 23rd March Global and 24th March Asia. The news was received with a lot of excitement but it so by African ARMY. The entire continent of Africa is not on the list of countries that the broadcast will be aired and African ARMY is very disappointed with that fact.

Especially the fact that in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” music video, Egypt and Kenya is shown on the board that has different countries which means the label is aware of the continent and the countries that exist on the continet. The ARMYs have expressed their disappointment at being exclude in such a major event.

The announcement was just made so only time will tell whether it will change or not as on the link to register for more information it states that the list is subject to change. As a result “DONTFORGETAFRICA” and “HYBE” are trending

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