BTS’ j-hope Visited ARMY’s Projects For His Birthday In His Hometown Gwanju

“BTS’ j-hope uodated his instagram account and shared pictures of places he had visited in his home town. The rapper went to “K-Pop Star Street” in Chungjang-ro, Gwangju, where he hails from. There’s a huge sculpture, named “Hope World” after j-hope’s first mixtape, which contains over 21,800 messages of support from ARMYs all around the world showing their love and admiration for j-hope. He also posed and sat on a bench that has graffiti artwork inspired by “Hope World” “Butter” and their latest song “Permission to Dance”.

There was a huge wall that was specifically dedicated to his collaboratuive song “Chciken Noodle Soup” that he collaborated with Becky G. V also visited his birthday projects done by ARMY during his birthday last year. j-hope also shared a cute pic of his dog Holly

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