BTS’ j-hope Shared His Birthday Celebration With ARMY on VLive Watched By Over 4 Million Viewers “thank you to all the fans who congratulated my birthday until this late” j-hope

“It’s officially 18th in South Korea and j-hope is celebrating his birthday, As is the norm for every BTS member, they usually host a VLive on their birthday. j-hope celebrated his birthday with ARMY and answered many questions from his fans. He talked about his english, his mixtape and even mentioned about their upcoming concert without giving any spoilers. He finished by thanking ARMY for all the birthday wishes. He even went and visited the birthday projects that his fans had for him.

“I want to say thank you to all the fans who congratulated my birthday until this late. you’ve always watched and supported until now, and I want to say thank you and I love you. in my heart, all of you are in here. thank you so so much for wishing me happy birthday. and I’ll think about how to decorate with these polaroids and come greet you on instagram, and i’ll leave posts/words on weverse too” j-hope

Other conversations that he spoke about

Why he came on Vlive

“everybody, it’s the first in a long time. i turned on vlive for the first in a while. thank you army! i decorated it prettily for the first time in a while. since tomorrow is my birthday, i wanted to spend my birthday together with all of you guys so i turned on vlive”

About his instagram page aesthetics

“my insta is american vibes? i’ll work on it. ive been trying to match my feed. and there’s one thing that really bothers me. there’s this one picture where the colour doesnt match that well. well, i guess i can’t really do anything though”

Polaroids and his hair

“there’s 20 minutes left until my birthday now. i prepared a cake to eat with all of you and prepared a polaroid as well. the charm of polaroids is that. will it come out well or not? the amount of polaroid films ive used to make my instagram feed. it’s a lot aha my hair’s grown a lot right? what should i do? i dont know what to do. right now i’m just growing it. i think i should cut it once tho, right?”

Jin’s present and the day’s TMI

“jin’s present? aha yes jin-hyung gave me an amazing present. he gave such big strawberries and a cake. and i was wondering what it was at first, but it turned out to be a toilet cleaning brush. today’s tmi? honestly, my face looks really clear right? i had champagne haha”

On BTS upcoming concert

“we’re finally doing a concert. i really hoped we can make sure to meet and talk to you sincerely, and that day’s finally coming. how to convince your parents to go to bts concert? shouldn’t they be okay with going to a bts concert?”

On choosing their instagran names and his own account

“we talked a lot before about our instagram usernames, and it was hard to get usernames under 5 letters, and i wanted to do something with my name. talking about username im your hope? it didnt really seem to fit and i played around with it and i got this really quickly, and i was thinking about underscores, but i thought it’d be better to cleanly not have underscores. instagram the white pictures? im trying to match my feed right now. i thought about it, and what is my favourite colour? i never really thought about what my favourite colour is. so i thought about it really today. what colour is it? i started to think about it. i think i like sky blue? but i’m still not sure what colour i like. everybody’s curious about the blank (white) pictures (on instagram) aha there’s not much meaning!”

His mixtape

“if i talk about my mixtape, it’s gotten to many steps (t/n: like has a lot of progress) and please anticipate/look forward to it”

A movie he is watching

“did i watch ‘all of us are dead’? yes! the acting was so good”

How he feels about his birthday

“every time my birthday comes, im gaining one year. and though i’m happy it’s the day im born, im a bit.. i’m really happy but im also a tinnyyy bit sad”

On their webtoon Chakho

“webtoon? are you talking about chakho? i actually dont read that many webtoons aha”

On their OT7 insta story reunion feat. boonguhbbang

“the boonguhbbang story. so it was the day of the samsung ad and all of us got together for the first time in a while and we were really excited and there was boonguhbbang and i said stuff like this we need to post on story and i did and everybody else did as well too”

His vaccination story

“everybody, today’s my birthday and im getting the vaccine (booster) so ill rest all day. i think after getting the vaccine it seems like you need to rest around 2 days”

His family holiday in Hawaii

“did i enjoy hawaii? yes it was my first family trip, so it was so nice but oh my the weather.. it rained soo much. how could it rain that much?”

TMI of the day

you know what’s funny? when i hang up things like this like ‘HOPE DAY’ and stuff in the background and stuff it lasts up until next year because it’s tiring to take it off aha


byee~ thank you to all the armys who congratulated me happy birthday!

Watch full episode HERE

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