“MAKE SOME NOISE” Currently Trending So Here’s 15+ Relatable ARMY Reactions To Restrictions Placed On BTS’ Seoul Concert

“South Korean ARMY have been waiting for the BTS concert in Seoul for a long time. After BTS travelled to the US for their Los Angeles leg tour of “Permission to Dance On Stage LA” the fans back home have been waiting for Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook to finally meet them face to face at a concert and it’s finally happening. On 16th February BIGHIT Music announced that BTS will hold a three day concert in Seoul, South Korea. This was exciting news but a damper was added on the news as due to the COVID-19 pandemic there will se some restrications for those attending the concert live at the venue.

To safe guard the health of both BTS, staff and attendees at the event, covid protocols, rules and regulations will be adhred to. Another restriction that has been added according to a statement by BIGHIT on Weverse is that

“Cheering loudly, yelling, chanting, and standing up during BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL is strictly prohibited according to government guidelines. Instead, we will be having a fan event using clappers.” BIGHIT Music

BTS concerts are LOUD, if you judge that by the reception that BTS received on the Red carpet for their “Permission to Dance on stage LA, then you know that noise is usually part of the package for such concerts. From fan chants, singing songs, clapping and calling out the member names, these are always part of enjoying the concert, unfortunately the pandemic has decided to put a damper on all that.

ARMY is not disappointed at that and will of course be enjoying eing able to watch the boys live after almost three years, that is a treat in itself. And as you all know, ARMY is hmourous and they create the best memes to be able to get through situations and make light of things that might seem serious at times.

As a result “MAKE SOME NOISE” is trending with fans creating memes and reaction to the “no making noise rule” at the concert, here are our favorites!

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