BTS’ Music Label Might Just Have To Find A Different Way To Announce Good News From Now On, ARMY Are Officially Done & Scared Of “Hello. This Is BIGHIT Music”

“Within a few months apart SUGA, Jin, RM and Jimin have all tested positive for COVID-19, and as much as they have all recovered, fans were hoping that it would be the end of the sad news. On 15th February BIGHIT Music announced that V had contracted COVID-19 though he is not in any immediate danger since he and the other members had been vaccinated against the virus. For all the members, the news has always started with “Hello, This Is BIGHIT Music” which has now become synonimous with bad news judging from the number of times the notification has come to announce one or the other member has tested positive for COVID-19 or has undergone surgery. Still, BTS’ ARMY continue to send speedy recovery messages and trends #GetWellSoonTaehyung on Twitter to comfort V.

ARMY is now only feeling anxious, at the thought of receiving any other “Hello, This Is BIGHIT Music” notification. We always hope that all the members stay healthy and sickness is something that cannot be precdicted and sometimes avoided but for the moment fans have had enough of the negativity that comes with that notification. Maybe the next time “Hello, This Is BIGHIT Music” will come with some good news to purge the last few months of sad news about the BTS members’ health.

Meanwhile here are some ARMY reactions that are totally relatable about how that 5 letter phrase is causing anxiety and trauma.

Wishing BTS’ V aka Kim Tae-hyung a speedy recovery

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