BTS Reclaimed The #1 Spot on Billboard World Albums Chart With “Map of the Soul:7″ Plus Six Out Of The Top 15 Albums This Week

“BTS are back dominating the world album charts. The Grammy nominated artists keep proving that their influence and dominance on world charts is not diminishing at any point. This week, their best selling album ever, “Map Of The Soul:7”, returned to no. 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

For the charts dated 19th February, BTS reclaimed the top spot on the chart with “Map of the Soul: 7,” album released 2 years ago.

“Map of the Soul:7″ album at No. 1 (February 21, 2020) The album returned for it’s 103rd week on the chart and has been at the number one spot for 35 weeks.

The other albums have been released between 2018 and 2020 proving that BTS’ music is timeless and still relevant no matter the passage of time.

BE” album at No. 6 (November 20, 2020)

Love Yourself: Tear” album at No. 8 (May 18, 2018)

Love Yourself: Her” album at No. 9 (September 18, 2019)

“Map of the Soul: Persona” album at No. 14 (April 12, 2019)

Love Yourself: Answer” album at No. 15 (August 24, 2018)

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