BTS’ Jung Kook Has Surpassed 2 Million Monthly Listeners On Spotify With A Single Song In Just Three Days

“BTS’ Jungkook has reached a new peak of 2,060,381 monthly listeners on Spotify with just one song “StayAlive” (Prod #Suga of SUGA). He has done so in just 3 and a half days after his profile went live on the platform. The song was released on 11th February the same day as Jung Kook’s Spotify profile was opened. He gained the highest number of followers in a single day breaking the record as well. Fans are relived that thos seems to be his real Spotify account as several months back a verified Spotify account cropped up garnering thousands of followers within minutes, which later disappeared so there is still debate whether the accout was real or not. Either was the vocalist is breaking records right and center.

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