BTS’ j-hope Watched The US “Super Bowl” & Shared His Favorite Performances From Dr. DRE, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Snoopdog, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent

“BTS’ j-hope watched the Super Bowl halftime show and he shared his favorite moments from the show. He shared performances on his Instagram stories of performances from Dr. DRE, Eminem, Snoopdog, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Anderson Paak and Kendrick Lamar tagging the artist’s. BTS member have always spoken about their hip-hop influence being rappers especially American artists. In their song “Hip Hop Lover” they gave an ode to hip hop artists speaking how they inspired them. SUGA even revealed that his first CD he ever bought was Eminem’s CD.

BTS’ Hiphop Lover/Phile

But people keep askin’ baby, Why you love that HIPHOP shit?Then I tell them, I don’t have a reason, It’s cause it’s hip hop, Nothing special, Epik High Just like others JayZ, Nas, And of course the classic Illmatic (NAS) and Doggystyle (Snoopdog) In my mind, KRS-ONE And Teacha, Ready To Die (Notorious B.I.G), Eminem, And The Chronic (Dr. DRE) and the next classic 2001 Gang Starr, Black Star, Eric B Rakim, Pete Rock and CL smooth, They juss keep poppin” RM’s verse, (Hip-hop Lover/Phile)

Being a dancer j-hope literally all dance styles, he is in tune with the latest music releases and can sing any song you point out to him in an instant.

Boogaloo, King Tut, old school rhythms, Entrusting the beat with rhyme and my tongueIt shows its prominence, it’s rap dance time Yeah ma role model, Dynamic Duo, Verbal with Epik High, I’m still inexperienced as I write my resume, Breaking down my namelessness, flying on stage, They helped me get up when I didn’t know anything, The artist, ring that rang through my heart, Expressing it with their bodies, Biggie, 2Pac, Nas I found out more about myself, Hope hope world, Before I made my own world, Cole world, Ever since he shone on Friday nights I got inspiration and wrote my songs, Mac Miller, Kanye, Kendrick, Their music hits my ears, The best musicians that affixed” j-hope’s verse (Hip-hop Lover/Phile)

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most prestigious moment for any artist as it is the place that they get to showcase their music and even get the chance to collaborate with other artists. All mega stars in the US have had the chance to perform on that big stage.

The Super Bowl is among the world’s most-watched single sporting events and frequently commands the largest audience among all American broadcasts during the year. 

The Super Bowl is the annual playoff championship game of the National Football League (NFL). It has served as the final game of every NFL season since 1966, replacing the NFL Championship Game Beginning in 2022, the game was played on the second Sunday in February.

The day the game is played is often referred to as Super Bowl Sunday / Super Sunday.

Here are moments that j-hope shared

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