What Is BTS’ j-hope Listening To? “Here With Me” by Mary J. Blige feat. Anderson Paak

“j-hope has updated his instagram account with a song by Mary J. Blige featuring Anderson Paak. Mary J Blige recently relased an album and one of the songs on the album is Here With Me” that j-hope has shaered on his stories and taggged both the artists. BTS have always talked about being influenced by various artists and they ahve been sharing songs from major artists and less known artists giving ARMY a glimpse of their musical tastes and loves.

As a dancer j-hope is very conversant with many if not all dance styles and these come with having an imoecable knowledge of music and artists. When you look at many of BTS’ interviews, you will find j-hope with knowledge of literally every song that is enquired about and he always knows the latest trending songs at the moment. Follow j-hope on instagram @/uarmyhope

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