BTS’ j-hope’s Birthday Ads To Feature In Two Of iHeartRadio’s Biggest Channels, He’s First kpop Artist To Receive Such Birthday Support On US Radio

“February marks “HOBIUARY” where fans celebrate BTS j-hope’s birth month. The rappper, lead dancer, producer was born on 18th February and fans have already started projects to honor and celebrate him. JHOPEBAR_CHINA, largest j-hope fanbase in China will be celebrating by offering a 30 seconds streaming ads between programes on online streaming platforms on two of the biggest radio channels in the USA. j-hope becomes the first kpop artist to receive such birthday support on US Radio. The ads will run from Feb 14th-18th, 2022 on Z100 Radio New York and KIIS FM 102.7 Los Angeles.

On the statement on the posters advertising the event, the fanbase explained the reason for choosing that medium to celebrate j-hope on his birthday.

“To celebrate the 29th birthday fro j-hope, we will run advertisemnets in two of the most listened to channels on iHeartRadio and promote j-hope,s music, instagram account and his upcoming mixtape. iHeartRadio is the biggest radio network in the United States. It is also the host of the Jingle Ball, which BTS attends every year. This time, we specifically choose two channels whioch garner a total of 12 million listeners each month and broadcast pop and hiphop music in New York city and Los Angeles. With our advertisement , we hope to recommend j-hope’s music to broader listeners” JHOPEBAR_CHINA

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