American Singer Anderson Paak Mentioned BTS’ j-hope Further Fueling Speculations Of A Near Future Collab, Maybe?

“American Rapper, Singer, & Record Producer Anderson Paak mentioned BTS’ j-hope by sharing a post that j-hope had updated on his Imstagram account. j-hope had recently shared an audio clip of Mary J. Blige’s new single that featured Paak, tagging the two artists. The American rapper has reposted j-hope’s instagram story on his own Instagram account.

This is not the first time that Paak has shared posts about BTS, during one of their interviews V mentioned that Paak was one of the artists that he had recently discovered and was listening to. Anderson Paak met BTS backstage during “Permission to Dance on stage” in Los Angeles, they exchanged signed albums and took selfies, he was also spotted with SUGA at a restaurant, Jung Kook sang “Leave the Door Open” dusing one of his record breaking Vlives last year.

Anderson Paak

“Anderson Paak” is currently trending on Twitter as fans react to the interaction

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