Did Rapper & Record Producer Tiger JK Tease A New Collab With BTS’ RM After 8 Years?


“Is BTS’ RM featuring in a collab with Tiger JK? Tiger JK (Seo Jung-kwon),is a Korean-American rapper, record producer and entrepreneur best known as a founding member of Korean hip hop group Drunken Tiger. He has also founded two record labels, Jungle Entertainment and Feel Ghood Music. He is currently a member of hip hop trio MFBTY. Tiger JK recently posted tow upodates on his twitter account and fans have been speculating that there might be a collab between him and BTS rapper RM. He wrote in two different twitter posts, “I’m making some 🔥” and “RM” with no context or elaborating further.

This would not be a surprise as RM has featured in a track with the artist in his group MFBTY on the song “Buckubucku” back in Mar 16, 2015. They even perfromed the song live which the other BTS members were hyped to watch him rap. RM collaborated with Tiger JK again in 2018 on the song “Timeless”


Tiger JK is considered a highly influential figure in the development of Korean hip-hop and is credited with helping bring the genre into the Korean mainstream. The Los Angeles Times referred to him in 2011 as “perhaps the most popular Korean rapper in America, Asia and the world.

Tiger JK has always been a supportr of BTS always cheering for them and celebrating their wins and adding his voice to whatever good causes BTS were supporting.

Fans anticipation is very high as they showed their excitement!

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