“Prod Suga” Trending With Over 700k Tweets After Release of “Stay Alive” Original Soundtrack For BTS’ Webtoon

“SUGA BTS’s main rapper, composer and producer has produced another masterpice. The full version of “Stay Alive” an original soundtrack for “7FATES:CHAKHO” BTS’ Webtoon was rcently released and we are able to appreciate SUGA’s masterfull producing skills. In an interview with their inhouse magazine, Weverse SUGA spoke about how he separates his artistic side and his producing side. He has produced for varioous artists apart from for BTS projects. He has had his hand on Samsung’ “Over the Horizon” ringtone, artists like IU, Heize, Suran, Epik High, Halsey, the late Juice WRLD among others. He said

“I’m BTS’s SUGA, and I’m Agust D, and when I’m producing, I go by “by SUGA.” But when it comes to by SUGA, I make perfectly commercial music. I’m the producer for those songs, sure, but the owner is someone else, you know? In that case, they’re commissioning my work. But they wouldn’t think about just leaving it all with SUGA. The artist’s label has to think carefully about whether to commission me for producing and consider my situation, too, and those people must be hoping for something commercial. That’s the most important part of working with outside people. Actually, that kind of work isn’t much of a benefit to me, to be honest. Oh, he can write this kind of song, too. That’s all. The more valuable thing I can get from it is the recognition and records the artist or the company will get with the song instead.” SUGA

BTS SUGA’s produced works

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