BTS’ Jung Kook Currently Trending With Over 1.6 Million Tweets After Release Of “Stay Alive” His First Ever Solo OST

“BTS Jungkook’s OST ‘Stay Alive’ produced by Suga released and fans are celebrating the full version as they get to enjoy the immaculate pure heart pulling vocals that are Jung Kook’s. SUGA’s producing skills are overwhelmingly beautiful in the track “Stay Alive” is an OST for BTS’ Webtoon. The adventure is set in the near future, and is based on the the urban fantasy story inspired by the ‘chakhogapsa’ (tiger hunters from the Joseon Dynasty). Characterized by the BTS Universe, the 7FATESs:CHAKHO follows the life of seven boys brought together by fate that forces them to work together in aneffort to save humanity. We see their sad back stories as they try to figure out a world where they need to fight not only for their survuival but the rest of humanity as well.

ARMY has been gushing over Jung Kook’s vocals as he took over Twitter trends as is the norm any time the vocalist as much as breathes. “jungkook” immediately took over twitter with over 1.32 million tweets, other trends included “Kookie” “THE VOCALS”

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