“Street Dance Girls Fighter” Dancer Jo Nain Choreographed BTS’ Song “Home” At The ‘1MILLION Dance Studio’

“Dancer Jo Nain choreographed the song for BTS’ song “Home” and taught it to dancers at 1MILLION Dance Studio. Jo Nain, Team Leader of TURNS which won the Street Dance Girls Fighter of 2021 has been a fan of BTS for a long time. She asked fans what to name her YouTube channel, Jung Kook gave her a suggestion to call it “Have a Good NAIN” which she took as that is the name of her YouTube channel. Jung Kook recently shared a dance choreography by Nain on his instagram story. Nain taught the choreography for HOME at the 1MILLION Dance Studio in Seoul, South Korea.

According to their website, The 1MILLION’s facility holds two fully equipped studios and a full-time staff who speaks both English and Korean, caters for students of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. According to their website, 1MILLION’s physical location holds up to 6 classes a day. Classes can be either booked on the 1MILLION website or through the 1MILLION DANCE STUDIO app. Online classes are offered on a variety of platforms, including on the 1MILLION Dance Studio app and on 1MILLION’s YouTube channel.

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