Singer-songwriter Melissa Polinar Mentioned Jung Kook After The BTS Vocalist Shared Her Song On His Instagram

“Jung Kook has been sharing his musical taste and fans are getting to know him at a bit of a morpersonal level regarding what he loves. The “Euphoria” BTS singer has been active on his personal Instagram acount and ARMY is loving it. He was the least active member when they had the group Twiter account but Instagram has brought out his fun and a bit more carefree side. Whether it is sharing his boxing training, dance choreography, covers of songs or sharing songs he’s listening to, Jung Kook is opening up more. He recently shared another artist on his instagram stories.

BTS Jung Kook instagram story

He shared on his accoung the song “Never Change” which is credited to Jeremy Passion and Melissa Polinar. Melissa took to both Twitter and Instagrma to thank Jung Kooka and ARMY for the outpouring of love and support afre Jung Kook shared the song. She wrote

“So my twitter and Instagram blew up overnight. Thank you #JUNGKOOK and #BTSARMY for the love.” Melissa Polinar

Melissa Polinar

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