British Artist Finn Askew Reacted To Jung Kook’s Post Of His Song On The BTS Member’s Personal Instagram Account

“Jung Kook of BTS has been listening to a lot a music lately judging from the music that he has been sharing on his personal Instagram account, the cover he did and dance choreography. Earlier today he shared on his Instagram stories audio clips of songs from two different artists. The artist’s and their songs were hot searches on Melon South Korea’s streaming site.

One of the artist’s he posted included Finn ASkew who reacted to Jung Kook posting his song “Roses” on his Instagram page . He took to his Instagram page and posted several highlights showing his shock and excitement. He even shared his reaction on his TikTok page.

Finn Askew

Finn Askew is a British musician from Wellington in south-west England. Finn cites U.S. hip-hop acts such as Juice WRLD and Lil Peep as music influences of his sound though he fell in love with music after uncovering his parents’ CDs, a mixture of Nirvana, the Smiths, and the Beach Boys.

Finn Askew TikTok
Finn Askew Instagram
Finn Askew Instagram

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