BTS RM’s Latest Instagram Update Brings Back Memories Of His Twitter Post He Shared Over 9 Years Ago

“Namjoon on instagram has been giving fans a lot of his “Namjooning” a term used to refer to BTS’ rap lesder RM’s many excursions in nature like visiting museums, being in nature, travelling, preety much anything he does outdoors. Ever since BTS opened their instagram accounts on December 6th 2021, the members have been sharing their personal moments givning us glimpses of them being individuals and not as a member of a band. RM’s latest post is has several pictures taken out in the snow and some art pieces. In one of the shot he is standing outdoors looking into the distantce with the area filled with snow.

The photo has an eerily similar vibe or some details like one that he posted on their official Twitter handle on 10th February 2013! that was a predebut phot since BTS debuted on 13th June 2013. On the twitter post, he wrote,

2013 Twitter Post

“it’s rapmon. I went to the mountain to pay a visit to my ancestors grave(s). Because I was buried in the snow, I almost died because i kept falling. On the way down, i even rode a sled. Euhaha also, like me/i did, to look cool you can dress like that and go. The weather is cozy(warm)x2 (*hence, can dress light to look cool since the weather is warm)” RM

2022 Instagram photo

Namjoon’s photos he shared on Instagram

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