BTS’ SUGA Understands What Jimin Is Going Through & He Let Him Know

“BTS’ Jimin was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, and he had surgery for acute appendicitis on 31st January. On February 2, he updated fans about his condition and had another post saying that he was recovering well and eating all his three meals. On that same post on 4thFebruary, fellow member SUGA commented on Jimin’s first update.

“As an acute appendicitis sunbae, I understand” SUGA

*Sunbae is a term used in Korea to refer to someone who is senior

SUGA Understands well what Jimin is going through as he also had his appendix removed when BTS had just debuted. This happened when BTS were on tour promoting in Japan. SUGA started suffering from severe stomach pains and had to be flown back to Korea to have his appendix removed after the doctors found out that he had appendicitis.

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