#DinnerWithJimin Currently Trending In South Korea As Fans Shower BTS’ Jimin With Love & Share Their Favorite Foods With Him After His Latest Update

“Jimin rcently posted on Weverse and updated on his health, after news came out that Jimin had had surgery and was recovering from COCID-19 fans were worried and sent him get well soon messages. Two days later Jimin posted that he was recovering well and eating all three meals. He wrote, “sorry for making you worry. However, I think I’ll be able to get discharged soon! I’m recovering well and I’m making sure to take care and eat all 3 meals Smiling face with smiling eyes please just wait a little bit ill recover quickly and go” Fans have taken to twitter to share the meals they are having with Jimin. as a way to keep comforting him as he recovers.

Jimin eating

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