BTS’ Jimin Gives Update Of His Health, Assuring Fans He Is Recovering Well

“On 31st January BIGHIT Music announced that Jimin had undergone surgery and tested positive for COVID-19. The company stated that Jimin was currently doing well after the surgery and being treated for the virus as well. On 2nd February Jimin took to Weverse to update his fans on his health and assured them that he was taking care of himslef and recovering well. Jimin is always worrying about ARMY, giving them advice and encouraging words and fans are touched that he came to update them and assure them that he is doing much better. He wrote on Weverse

“everybody, you wotried a lot, right? im recovering well !” Jimin

“sorry for making you worry

however i think ill be able to get discharged soon!

im recovering well and

im making sure to take care and eat all 3 meals

please just wait a little bit

ill recover quickly and go!” Jimin

ARMY shared their messages of happiness after Jimin’s update that he is doing okay. JIMIN JIMIN is currently trending together with other related keywords like “Jiminie”, “JIMIN IS HERE”, “JIMIN POSTED”, “JIMIN CAME HOME”, “JIMIN IS RECOVERING WELL”, “JIMIN IS BACK”, “JIMIN ON WEVERSE” and the hashtags #GetWellSoonJimin #WeLoveYouJimin are back on Twitter trends as fans still wish the vocalist a quick recovery.

โ€œIโ€™m glad that the typhoon has passed. They say theyโ€™ll be coming again next week, be carefulโ€

โ€œEven if you are uncomfortable, wear a mask well!โ€œ

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