Puerto Rican R&B/soul Singer Lil’ Eddie Thanks BTS’ RM & ARMY For The Support He Has Received Since 2013 After RM Posted His Song On His Instagram Stories

“RM has been posting on his Instagram stories songs he’s listening to bringing back his #RMusic that he used to post on their official a Twitter handle. Lately he has been adding songs to his instagram stories of artists and songs he’s probably listening to. He has even created highlights for songs he’ll be sharing on his IG stories. One such song he posted was “Statue” by Lil Eddie. The artist has now given a shout-out to RM, BTS and ARMY for showing him all the support after RM mentioned his music.

Lil’ Eddie is a Puerto Rican pop, R&B/soul singer-songwriter, producer. He also worked as a vocal coach for the reality singing show, The X Factor US. In an Instagram live, he said he was grateful to the fans and the artist’s for the immense love and support he has received since 2013. He’s hoping for a collaboration maybe in the future.

RM shared on his Instagram stories

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