BTS Sends Heartwarming “Lunar New Year” Messages For ARMY In 2022

“BTS have sent their beautiful heartfelt messages to ARMY to celebrate a “Happy New Year and Happy Holidays” (Lunar New Year) in 2022. Each member wrote their individual messages that spoke of memories and wishes for the new year for each other and their fans. Korean lunar new year 2022 is a holiday and celebration which marks on the first day of koran lunar calendar. Seollal, or korean lunar new year, is a major holiday in the lives of south korean. In 2021 BTS celebrated Lunar New Year by by creating a colorful card and wishing fans a Happy New Year.

Seollal comes in January or February and involves family visits, ancestral rites, eating of traditional foods and playing of Korean games. This year it falls on 31 Jan to 2 Feb. Seollal is based on the lunar calendar and so varies from year to year on the Gregorian Calendar

The emphasis of Seollal is paying your respects to your ancestors and spending time with living family members. After performing traditional rites to honour the dead, South Koreans spend the rest of the day with the living. This means talking for hours on end, eating, telling stories all night, and playing folk games.

Many will visit their ancestral home towns to take part in Seollal activities, so this can be a busy time of year for travel. It takes time to prepare for the trip, and the food too takes a lot of preparation time. There are special articles of clothing to wear for Seollal during the rites, and special foods to be eaten at designated times.


“magpie magpie lunar new years day is everybody, it’s already lunar new year…ㅠㅠ i said ‘no way, really’** but to say it’s already ‘lunar new years’….ㅠㅠ in 2022 our army will be sure!! to be healthy in 2022 our army will have what they do turn out well/good in 2022 our army, for bad things that happen so what if tv~~, so what if fridge~~*** kekekekeke eat a lot~~ of delicious foods and let’s all be healthy~!! how can i express my feelings/expressions with words. please receive a lot of new years ‘good luck/fortune’****~♡♡” j-hope

Jung Kook

“we’re greeting a new year that’s colder than before! as i have said each time, please take good care of your health, make sure to wear your mask, watch out <to not catch> a cold, and i hope that you can create meaning and significant happy day by days while eating delicious foods♡ i hope that bts can give all of you good energy this year as well!!! i love you” Jung Kook


“magpie magpie lunar new years day is* everybody. have a happy lunar new years day~. in 2022, please always be healthy, happy, and not be hurt. have great wins/successes with work, focus well, earn a lot of money, win the lottery, quickly grow a lot taller, anyway, please be healthy i will cheer you on a lot. please eat a lot of tteokguk [rice cake soup] •◡• bye” V * lyrics from a lunar new years children’s song titled ’Magpie Magpie, Lunar New Year Is’ (‘까치까치 설날은’)


“to. ARMY armys, it’s jimin. as lunar new year has come, the reality that it has become 2022 becomes clearer. i’m curious as well as worried about all of your emotions and feelings as you welcome the new year. (please take all of the new years luck/fortune*! and please leave a bit for us too -◡-..)” Jimin


“to. army~♡♡ hello this is suga. happy year year everybody! 2022 is finally here!! during the past 2 years, due to covid, i feel sad that we have not been able to see each other often, and i missed you so much, but in 2022, we’ll be able to see each other oftenoften like we have before, right? this year please.. please.. i hope that in 2022, we can meet oftenoften as we wish we can, and i hope that the armys reading these words can have all their wishes and goals comes true! let’s make this year an even happier day!! please eat tteokguk [rice cake soup] deliciously (i’m only going to eat half a bowl now 😦 ) once again, happy new year!!” SUGA


“happy near year. i hope in the new year, that everybody’s wishes that they want, ‘winning the lottery’ ‘growing taller’ ‘succeeding in diet’ ‘earning more money’ ‘going on vacation/traveling’ ‘being happy’ if you wish every year, wouldn’t the day where at least one of them comes true eventually come. i will be cheering you on until that day when it comes true” Jin


“mag~pie mag~pie lunar new~years~day is~* hello armys that i love, it’s RM. to say it’s already lunar new years omg…. this lunar new year, im thinking of about going to see my mother’s side grandmother. i am really curious about how all of you will celebrate.. please eat a lot of tteokguk [rice cake soup] and receive a lot of lunar new years bows** (three times), and let’s wish for no problems and happiness during this one year! i, as expected, pray for your safety, peace, happiness, and earn a lot while working little***.. if i can do as my heart allows, i would meet you in person and bow to you in person once while giving words of blessings, how nice would that be.. it’s from far away, but please accept/receive this wifi bow (virtual bow, like a virtual hug) (wifi temple)**** (- -)(_ _)(- -)*****!! the sincerity and love i have for all of you have not rusted even the slightest. as time flows, it simply just ripens. though we don’t know yet what kind of year the year 2022 will be like for me, bangtan, and army, but as i have always have, i firmly promise that i will try my absolute best in any given situation. happy new year! i love you and i miss you******!!” RM

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