“It Was Just Cool To Feel That Feeling For A Few Days…” Chris Martin Speaks About BTS’ Discipline & The Impression They Left On Him

“My Universe by Coldplay x BTS has been a banger that has been loved by many because of its message about loving each other no matter what the circumstances, distance or even social constraints. The song debuted at #1 on Billboard Hot 100, won several awards and has been a catchy tune that makes one feel like love is possible no matter what. BTS and Coldplay performed the song for the first time together during the American Music Awards and BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage” live in Los Angeles. Chris Martin has spoken several times about how the song came about and what it has meant to him. He recently appeared on the Ellen Show and spoke some more about their friendship and the song.

He was shown a picture of the band together with BTS and he joked that Coldplay looked like BTS’ gym teachers on that photo but then he got more serious and said,

“… I just knew at the time okay so this was a song we’re supposed to do with BTS.. it’s supposed to be about people who cant be together or told they shouldn’t be together or forced to live in separate places, then it felt really natural” Chris Martin

It’s still quite bizarre… I mean we look like their gym teachers but… we love them, for something that could have seem so artificial, it turned out being one of the most real feelings, we genuinely love those people.” Chris Martin

“It was cool to see how their life is a very different kind of band to us and its much more disciplined in a certain way… it was just cool to feel that feeling for a few days” Chris Martin

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