Teletubbies A Popular British Children’s TV Series by BBC Does BTS Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’ Song Dance Challenge

“Super Tuna was released by BTS’ vocalist Jin who shared the song on his birthday as a fun gift to ARMY. The song is witty, danceable and quite fun. Soon after the release the “Super Tuna Challenge” was born. Jin even went on Weverse to light heartedly and hilariously tell fans to stop doing the challenge since he’d need to write more verses. He wrote

“No guys don’t do a Super Tuna challenge that I didn’t even plan. No I’m so embarrassed. No there are many others songs, but why do you want to do the Super Tuna Challenge?… If this gets bigger, the company might suggest me to do a second version… so stop…”Jin

Too late Jin, the Super Challenge took a life of its own. There have been so many “Super Tuna” challenges” from cartoon characters, anime and even kids channels like Pink Fong which has the mega hit “Baby Shark” Now Teletubbies has joined the challenge. After mentioning BTS’ Jin and RM after they nicknamed themselves two names from Teletubbies, they have joined the “Super Challenge” and shared on TikTok.

Super Tuna Challenge’s a viral hit

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