From India To USA to South Korea, BTS Jung Kook’s ‘Chipotle’ Moment Reigned Supreme On Media Outlets Globally

“After BTS shared a ‘Bangtan Bomb’ on their YouTube channel that was later shared on their Twitter handle of the members enjoying a meal during the shoot for their James Cordon show, a clip went viral. The clip was Jung Kook mispronouncing the name of a meal, instead of “Chipotle” he curiously asked “is it Chicotle?”. And that was the start of all the media reports about that incident.

That led to Chipotle changing it’s Twitter name to “Chicotle” after commenting on the Twitter post, they also retweeted the clip of the fan who wrote “If Jungkook says its Chicotle then it’s Chicotle”, and that led to countless media outlets both local in South Korea and internationally. Jung Kook even made it to major news like SBS and MBC as they reported about his effect on the company. Korea’s Major Newspapers and Major National TV outlets reported about Jungkook’s impact, that made “Chipotle” change their account name to “Chicotle”, like Jungkook said in the recent video.

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